The Voice, by Paul Fitzgerald and Elizabeth Gould

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                           - 19 -

It was an idea that would have gotten him burned at the
stake in another era. But thanks to the military necessities
of World War II, he'd been enthusiastically encouraged by
state security and he had achieved a significant number of
what were euphemistically called "breakthroughs" into the

Under the cover of the Cold War he'd continued these
breakthroughs right up to the doors of human perception and
so he'd named the company Transitron; "Through Electronics."
The one question that remained thirty-three years after its
founder's death was "through electronics to where?"

After my experience at the front desk I had the gnawing
suspicion that my forced employment here would ultimately
reveal that.

It was odd, I thought as I stepped from the glass walled
elevator into the cold, glass corridors of Transitron. I
would never have even thought to question the West's
relentless drive for technology, had it not been for my own
experiences in Afghanistan. Before then, history had just
seemed a serious of random actions and reactions, unplanned
or predicted. But after covering that war, I knew history,
was a programmed event; planned, executed and reported by a
privileged elite that had been at it for a long time.

Trying to find the meaning of Afghanistan and what had
happened to me there had driven me from a linear Western
view of reality and skewed my perception. And after a while
I had come to see the world's events, its politics and wars,
the course of history itself as an ancient and ongoing
struggle between the forces of darkness and light with the
ultimate goal being, the evolution of the human soul.

It was the course of this "evolution" that had been the
subject of my first book, the Apostle's Diary, the book now
controlled by Transitron. I found the idea of a legendary
power broker like Lord Gilbert DeClare in control of my own
personal avenue to the truth to be more than I could bear.
I'd tried to comfort myself with the notion that it was only
a business deal for him-just another cold-blooded raid on
his way to building an empire.