The Voice, by Paul Fitzgerald and Elizabeth Gould

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                           - 23 -

Rick knew I'd warned him about the dangers of this lie
but he hadn't listened. "Spiking" my story on Afghanistan
had been a "career decision." Buying my book guaranteed his
career would continue-maybe. There was something different
about him this time. The ever present confidence, not to
mention the arrogance was gone and replaced by nervousness.
I couldn't help wonder if the consequences of his lying were
beginning to pile up.

"Just give me a chance to show you what we're doing here.
Then you can tell me whether you want to go on hating the
world or not." He said, stepping out from behind his desk,
while directing me to following him down the corridor. "You
have to work with us Paul, so you might as well know who we

"Transitron started out as a manufacturer of electronic
components for the defense establishment and pioneered the
application of light-bearing technology for data
transmission," he said. "Few people understood the quantum
aspects of light transmission when we first got started, so
we now pretty much control the field. Laser discs, CD ROM,
fiber optics were all the brainstorm of our founder, Lord
ArchibwaveDe Clare and under his son Gilbert we've moved to
corner the market on telecommunication world-wide."

I followed Rick down the glass corridor as he pointed to
the various departments.

"From these offices we transfer ninety-two percent of all
international telephone calls and through subsidiaries,
operate two thirds of the world's satellite traffic. By this
time next year, we'll own it all. We run five hundred
channels and thirty-two web sites twenty-four hours a day.
Thanks to our founder, we control all the basic patents on
virtual reality and our investments in biotechnology ensure
we'll be on the ground floor with biologically enhanced