The Voice, by Paul Fitzgerald and Elizabeth Gould

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                           - 14 -

"Then make him account for it!" Alissa shouted as Attila
suddenly fell back.

I should have seen the look of alarm in Alissa's eye, but
it wasn't until a second or two later that I saw the hedge
looming ahead. I had no choice but to jump now and as I
pulled hard on Juno's reins, the inertia drove us up and
over until we landed on the other side.

It wasn't a difficult jump, not for Juno anyway. Jumping
through hoops was her specialty. But my hoop jumping days
were over. That was something I intended for Rick Kendall to

"You have to see him dad." Alissa said, as she trotted
the black stallion around to me. "Mom would want it that

"I know, Alissa." I said as the idea sank in and I slowly
regained a sense of control. "I'll give him a call in the