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The Voice: Contents

by Paul Fitzgerald and Elizabeth Gould


The Kalends of May 1170 A.D.

Hyde Park, London

Fleet Street

Juicy John Pink




Strongbow The First Earl of Pembroke: Gilbert De Clark


The Connection

Mad Mary

The Board of Designers

The Time Machine


Wexford, Ireland 1170

The Ancient Kingdom of Ossary

The Archers Of Finglas

Going Home

Revelation, The Book Of

Simon And The Oracle

Ireland 1170 Divine Vengeance

Into The Night

The School of Night


Lord Gilbert

The Travis Inn

Fires Which Burnt Brightly

The Horror


Abbeyfeale Ireland, December 19

London, Solstice Eve

In Held Twas In I

Author's Notes

The Voice, an eight hundred year old love story born of dreams, visions and real historical events becomes the door through which the current era walks to meet the spiritual ground of its own existence. It reveals the mystical struggle for the future that underlies and drives our consciousness and goes right to the heart of understanding the destiny of the Western dream.

The intelligence quest of the mind combined with the wisdom quest of the heart creates new paradigm for thoughtful living.

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