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Merging the intellectual quest of the mind and the wisdom quest of the heart. A discussion of a new reality based on our extensive dreams and visions.

1. Dreams and the Trickster: The function of Hermes in the creation of image, its manifestation on the modem stage, motion pictures and cyberspace.

Discussion: How we discovered dream realms of self-empowerment How those realms relate to prophecy and Hollywood’s hold on image.

2. Our Celebrity Dream Series: From Tom Cruise to ex-CIA director William Casey, surprising guests that began to arrive regularly.

Discussion: How we came to understand reality as a matrix interweaving past, present and future by analyzing hundreds of our dreams.

3. Dream Mapping: Opening the door to a new reality by hard work and persistence.

Discussion: Learning to focus on the background reality of daily life through our dreams. Developing the personal research tools to analyze the mythic content of our dreams and our place in it.

4. Our Breakthrough: Keeping an open mind finally pays off.

Discussion: The emergence of the BLACK KNIGHT as our own mythic guide and how learning his true role empowered us.

5. Looking back to go forward: How the past lets go of us, not the other way around.

Discussion: Overcoming the conflicts in our personal lives in order to appreciate the mythic role our family played. Overcoming the desire to forget the past by pushing through to a new understanding with new eyes. Then, by remembering the deeper purpose, freeing ourselves to move into the future.

6. The Final Challenge: Testing the Theory.

Conclusion: Our goal is to guide you through our experience, to reveal how the intelligence of the mind combined with the wisdom of the heart will create the new paradigm for thoughtful living.

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