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Paul Fitzgerald is a middle-aged American living in London. It is the end of the year 2003 and a totally wired-up electronic world is about to celebrate the dawn of the new year. However, before the world moves one step further into the future, the VOICES of the past call to Paul in his sleep, beckoning him to come and revisit them. Although Paul resists at first, he is compelled into another world and when he awakens comes face to face with a beautiful BLOND WOMAN from his past and a BLACK KNIGHT who’s been haunting him in his dreams.

Blackfriars Bridge, London

When not dreaming, Paul tries to sort the dreams into reality but soon discovers his employer, a huge communications corporation, has a profound interest in his dream life as well. When Paul finally realizes their technology enables them to penetrate the secrets held in Paul’s dreams, the chase ensues.

Company president, LORD GILBERT DE CLARE is the culprit behind the scenes manipulating the present and the past with virtual reality in order to control the future.

Through Paul’s dreams we discover that Lord Gilbert has also led past lives and harbors deep and abiding jealousy for the secrets of the Grail that Paul has attained in his previous lives.

Royal Pageantry, Buckingham Palace

With the help of an eccentric midget, a beautiful witch and a few priests he begins to accept his fate. It is sealed when he meets a mysterious astrologer for the ‘royals’ who makes the final connection for Paul by leading him back to his family’s conquest of Ireland in the Twelfth century. Their he confronts the voices from the past and rediscovers his ancient purpose.

Hunting and stalking Paul from lifetime to lifetime, Lord Gilbert uses his powerful technology to divert Paul from his mission and the role he must play in the long prophesied crossover.

Millennium Wheel, London

After repeating an ancient Grail quest, Paul finally returns to London where, with the help of the Black Knight, he overcomes his adversary. He secures a path for the future and in the end, creates a great surprise for the world when the truth about the Black Knight and the blond woman is revealed.

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